About Us

+H2O Sp. z o.o. is located in Chociszew near Łódź.
Our history goes back to 1990, when as the manufacturing company Cin&Cin S.A. we introduced a dozen or so various products on the market starting from aperitifs, cocktails and sparkling wines, up to soft drinks for children.

As a producer +H2O has a stable position, which owes to a well-thought-out strategy combining the long-term tradition and the latest technologies.

Production of ciders and wine based beverages is our specialty whereas also our potato vodka and slivovitz under STRYKOVER brand enjoy excellent reputation in Poland and abroad.

In the broad product range you will find ciders, sparkling wines, vermouths, sangrias with original taste advantages and the diversified alcoholic strength, vodka and slivovitz. Majority of these products are gluten free.

Our production technology is the result of cooperation with specialists from Italy, Germany and Spain.

In our plants we utilise modern techniques of the stabilisation of wine, coupage, filtration, gassing, water treatment, filling and storing.

The filling lines are entirely mechanised and automated to a large extent. In the three-stage sterilization process we receive products at the highest degree of purity.

The care for the best quality of our products makes the beverages with the brand +H2O often present on Polish and foreign tables, each year becoming more and more popular.

Starting 2011, selected products in our offer are also available with KOSHER Certificate.

Andrzej Pawelec,
President of Supervisory Board


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